Workshops G and H: Live standards in European Systems Biology

And Protein functional parameters for system biology approaches and simulations

( and for program updates)

Sunday October 10, 2004; 9h30 – 12h30, Lecture Hall (has changed!), DKFZ, Heidelberg.

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Note:  Workshop G has fused with workshop H



Each talk will amount to 5 minutes.  At the end it will show a slide with a concrete proposal to standardize something somehow.

This will be discussed for 5 minutes and then written down for the workshop report.


Hans V. Westerhoff (BioCentrum Amsterdam)!

“Introduction: what do we want to achieve today”


Carsten Kettner (Beilstein Institute)!

“STRENDA meets the scientific community; standardization of enzyme kinetics parameters and data reporting; an existing initiative”


Uwe Sauer (Zürich)

“Standards in data quality control”


Jildau Bouwman (BioCentrum Amsterdam)!

“Standardization: The pro's, con's & how”


Jean-Marie-Francois (Toulouse)!

“Standardization in sampling metabolism”


Ursula Klingmueller (DKFZ, Heidelberg)!

“Standards for cell systems biology”


Ursula Kummer (EML, Heidelberg)

“Standard ways of interfacing users to modeling environments” (??)


Andrew Finney (Molecular Sciences Institute)!

“SBML getting to easy exchange of models and modeling capabilities”


Sef Heijnen (TU Delft)

“How to model kinetics” (??)


Edda Klipp (Berlin)

“The YSBN modeling standards” (??)


Dietmar Schomburg (Cologne University)!

“BRENDA and the nomenclature and enzyme standards for a complete database” (??)


Jacky Snoep (Stellenbosch & Amsterdam)!

“The silicon cell; a standard for the comuter model ?”


Others ……


(??) means: title not confirmed


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