Workshops G and H: Live standards in European Systems Biology

And Protein functional parameters for system biology approaches and simulations

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Whereabouts: Sunday October 10, 2004; 9h30 – 12h30, Lecture Hall (has changed!), DKFZ, Heidelberg.  For directions click here.  

Note:  Workshop G has fused with workshop H

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Chairs: Dietmar Schomburg (Köln) and Hans V. Westerhoff (BioCentrum Amsterdam)



That Systems Biology is well served with standardization is clear to everyone.  On the other hand standardization has a number disadvantages:  certain experiments can only be done in organisms or strains that differ from the standard, and some computation subroutines are not (yet) available in the standard software packages.  Rather than just describing the ideal situation of having a single standard, it will be important to discuss how we shall manage the non-ideal situation, e.g. of having more than one procedure, but at least having the ability to translate the different procedures into one another.  In addition standardization should be such that it evolves with our increasing understanding of Systems Biology (‘live’ standardization).  The workshop will discuss at least the following issues of standardization, i.e. (i) experimentation, (ii) computational methodology, (iii) modeling languages (SBML, CellML), (iv) model integration, (v) www live models, (vi) organisms and strains (vii) systems biology through international alliances (IEcA and YSBN).  Discussants include Carsten Kettner, Dietmar Schomburg, Jildau Bouwman, Edda Klipp, Ursula Kummer, Andrew Finney, Jean-Marie Francois, Sef Heijnen, Jens Nielsen, Uwe Sauer, and Jacky Snoep.  The aim is to come to some recommendations on each of these issues, in part for the ESF forward look, in part for EYSYSBIO.


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